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Recently I was asked: What was the moment, event or accomplishment that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood? And without thinking for long I knew; the youth exchanges I participated in throughout high school, due to the knowledge and responsibility I was exposed to this way. Almost 2 years ago, while looking for a way to meet new people, learn more about myself (and others) and travel (without huge costs), I discovered “Young Partners for Civil Society Development Association” and the Erasmus+ projects they are developing. I still remember that in my first project, in Italy, I rolled up my sleeves and worked along with the other participants on a farm near Perugia for a week. Soon after I was leaving again in Poland, where I met over 80 people from different countries and learned more about volunteering globally. Then again in Italy, this time in the south, I encountered a more serious theme- immigration and social inclusion and during that project I had the chance to interview locals and immigrants on the issue. Most recently, I rediscovered my adventurous part and the pleasure of doing sports, in Portugal. For me, youth-exchanges are the most important lessons and the best memories. That is why, every time I return home, I close my eyes and, with courage, I apply for the next project.

Cristina Pogorevici

17 years old

The experience within the “Young Partners for Civil Society Development Association”, will help you broaden your horizons, to accept more easily the people around you, to overcome your prejudices and to develop your social abilities. “YPCSDA” gave me the opportunity to get in touch with well-trained European youngsters, interested in learning as much as possible about new cultures throughout non-formal education, art, sport, or even various European projects and international study visits, targeting knowledge of certain religions, concepts and European Union’s functioning mechanisms. Each project is a new challenge, and the chosen topics answer the requirements for the development of the society. Within the projects organized by the “Young Partners for Civil Society Development Association”, I have had the chance to meet wonderful people, with whom I have collaborated very well during the projects, and also after the projects, when the friendships made during the event remained. Thanks to the rigorous selection of the participants, I have met very well-prepared people from the professional point of view, who helped me improve my skills, and from which I have had a lot to learn. Regarding the staff of the association, I can say with full responsibility that they are true professionals, who work with dedication and involvement, which I admire most in people. These things made me fall in love with the whole “YPCSDA” team!

Elena Caravan

17 years old

“Young Partners for Civil Society Development Association” is one of the best youth-association with whose activity is impossible not to fall in love with. This association follows the youngsters and encourages them to get more involved in their own education, development and knowledge. With capable and professional members that have a modern vision that help them create or contribute throughout the organizational process of national or international youth projects. Within the projects that I have taken part of, I have learned a lot of things which I will apply in the future. The activities are interesting, constructive and ingenious. Throughout the projects I have communicated, shared ideas and experiences with other youngsters, together contributing to the final outcome of the projects. I consider that the participation of the young people in this kind of projects is an excellent opportunity to develop from the personal point of view, to improve education and to widen their horizon, these being very important aspects for a young person that has to learn which are the true values in life, and that he has to self-improve. Furthermore, I have met wonderful people, I have made friends, I have worked with true professionals and I have learned a lot. The value and the importance of this association cannot be expressed in words, but I can say that I will apply for as many projects as possible, and I cannot wait for the ones that will be organized in the near future.

Mihaela Bușu

22 years old

Lately I have had thorough experiences with wonderful people. And they appeared when I had my first contact with the projects Erasmus+ and the “Young Partners for Civil Society Development Association”. I discovered them relatively recently and I wanted to apply to a project of exchange of musical experience in Sardinia. I have no regret that I did this because it was the best decision ever made. The project meant a lot to me, developing my verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and developing me musically. I have created beautiful friendships with special people, I learned about the traditions and customs of the area, I have evolved in terms of creativity through the hours of composition, and I came into contact with a world unknown to me until then, a world that I want to discover further. For me, the exchanges of experience are more than just simple travel. They are steps that you climb in your personal development, they are life lessons, adventures, unique moments and unseen landscapes, memories to be cherished. I look forward to apllying to the next project so that this beautiful dream would continue.

Mihai Mirea

18 years old

“Young Partners for Civil Society Development Association” is responsible for the development of hundreds of young people eager to create relationships based on intercultural knowledge with people sharing the same interests, goals and last but not least openness to novelty and originality. The many projects with various topics and ensuring diversity give the participants several options to choose what's suited based on their personality and style, all for a unique experience.

Eva Iaia

18 years old