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The Association "Young Partners for Civil Society Development" was established in 26 of april 2004 and is one of the biggest youth organizations from Romania. YPCSD has more than 2000 members with age between 15 and 25.In the last 5 years our organization was involved in almost 200 international youth projects in Europe (youth exchanges, seminars, conferences.

The organization mainly works on organizing workshops, local initiatives, seminars, training courses, camps, volunteer actions and other activities for young people. The organization actively works on local national level; and it is also involved in implementation of international projects. One of YPCSD main aims is to promote and encourage intercultural cooperation among the young people from Romania and the other countries from Europe.

The work of YPCSD is based on the principles of non-formal education, learning-by-experience and intercultural learning. It tends to contribute to the development of civil society in Romania, with a special accent to young people’s place in the social events and processes. We expect that the activities of YPCSD will result in development of creative young people involved in the process of decision – making in their local communities.


Involvement of the young people in non-formal education on a variety of topics; through organization of national and international projects, workshops, seminars, training courses, camps, volunteer actions, festivals and other activities.

Support of young people as active citizens of the society.

Support and encouragement of the development of creativity of young people.

Promotion and implementation of the principles of non-formal education, learning-by-experience and intercultural learning.

Development of the civil society and encouragement of the active involvement of young people in the social processes and events.

Development of the democratic processes and the civil society in Romania.

Implementation of activities aimed at support and respect of human rughts and children rights.

Social intergation and support of young people belonging to not-privileged groups.

Support of young people regarding their choice of education, employment and financial independence.

Organization of the free time and leasure activities of young people.

Promotion of volunteer work of young people.

Support of international cooperation of the young people from Romania with the young people from the other countries from Europe and the rest of the world.

Legal Basis